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Access Home
Affordable Homes

Access Affordable Housing for your Family!

Specializing in Manufactured Homes


Access Home began its journey in 2015 with the premise of providing affordable housing to tenants in our communities and the surrounding area. One of our founding members, Ron Reavis, continues to watch over the dream from above. We miss you Ron!


Through our partnerships prior to covid, we were able to provide lease options on new homes to those who wanted and needed to gain access to a new home but were unable to do so through traditional lending.


The changing times have seen increases in the cost of materials and labor. What is considered affordable now has vastly increased in leaps and bounds over the past couple years. 


However, our commitment has remained the same. We will work closely with you and the lender to facilitate your dream of home ownership. 


We invite you to browse our website or see what's available on facebook to find out more.

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